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periphery n : the outside boundary or surface of something [syn: fringe, outer boundary]

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From Ancient Greek περιφέρεια (perifereia), from prefix περί- "peri-", from περί (peri) "around, about, near" + φέρειν (ferein) "to bear".


  1. The outside boundary or surface of something.
  2. An administrative division of Greece.

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Greek administrative region
  • Greek: περιφέρεια

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Generally, a periphery is a boundary or outer part of any space or body. It is derived from the Greek word περιφέρεια, meaning a circumference or outer surface.
  • In Issac Asimov's Foundation Series, the Periphery is that part of the Empire that lies on the very edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Foundation, located on the planet Terminus lies in the Periphery, in the ancient imperial provence of Anacreon.
  • Periphery also refers to the boundary of a town or city, also known as outskirts or suburbs ; it also refers to what is not mainstream or central.
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